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Intuitive Coaching
Intuitive Coaching

Learning to Listen to your Intuitive Voice

Angel Wings -  Oracle - Tarot

Coaching - #espritdelunes

All sessions are on either zoom or messenger with video at an agreed date & time.  Sessions last approximately 30 - 40 minutes. Coaching sessions are in English only.

Each “session” includes at least a 1 card reading.

Each session costs 40€ - book 3 sessions for 100€. Confirm your place now

Payment is required via credit card prior to each session.

The idea behind each session is to share knowledge and good practice which will reflect your needs and personal growth. By the end of the 6th session you should be able to read cards with growing confidence and clarity.

Session 1 – Creating an Intuitive Space

  • What do I think my intuitive space consists of?

  • What I can control / see vs What I can’t control / see
    What I need: physical vs mental needs

  • Rituals & Mantras


Session 2 – Exercise your Intuition

  • Putting your ritual into practice: mantras / prayers connecting with Spirit

  • Protection

  • Angel Wings words vs pictures

Session 3 – Tapping into your Intuition

  • Do I choose a deck of cards or do they choose me?

  • Trusting your intuition

  • Keeping an intuitive diary

  • Oracle vs Tarot: same card different picture

Session 4 – Cards

  • Layouts – Spreads

  • To shuffle or not to shuffle?

  • Caring for cards

  • The Answer is Simple

Session 5 – Let’s Connect & Exercise

  • Learning to read or reading to learn

  • Connecting and exercising my intuition

Session 6 – Over to you!

  • Select your audience

  • The more we practice, the more it becomes second nature!